Robocar original software


Programming X4 board with Arduino is not the problem. However, when I upload a new sketch to enable other modules, it would be nice te reset the X4 board to the original Robocar software.

How can I achieve this.


“Original” software is just an empty sketch with “App control” set to “Enabled”. This turns on Bluetooth connectivity for Totem App. This feature can be used even with your own code, because it runs “in background”.
By default it’s disabled, because it increases compile and upload time.


Thanks for the quick answer.

Another one is: Is it possible to use a regular esp32 (Adafruit feather) as a controller???


Yes. If you need a remote connection from other ESP32 board (Adafruit Feather), look at tutorial - Arduino remote interface - Totem Documentation

It uses Arduino Library to scan for Totem robots and connect them. Supported on all ESP32 boards (BLE capable).
Keep in mind to enable “App control” on X4.

You can also send custom function from Feather to X4:
On X4 side implement this - X4.function - Totem Documentation
On Feather side call: module.write("functionA", 555);

Example how to implement robot control from “functions”: 4WD Chassis - #3 by Arnas

Note: You don’t need “Totem Library” on X4 side. This is only for Feather side.
For X4 use “Totem Boards” core.
For Feather use official Espressif core: GitHub - espressif/arduino-esp32: Arduino core for the ESP32