X4.rgb not working

i have code:

void setup() {
	X4.rgb.color(255, 255, 0, 0);

void loop() {

Do I have to do something more to make the rgb led light up?

It does not work for me :thinking: i tried X4.servoA, X4.led, it all works :smiley: .

Hi, your code is correct. It should light up all RGB leds with red color.

If it’s a revision v1.1 board - it might be defective.
Try to physically flex board a bit and press on the leds (may be a loose/broken contact). Also, may add this color update command to “loop” function to keep writing leds while flexing.

We can send you a replacement.

Yes, bending has an effect, sometimes it flares up. Is it bad soldered LEDs?

It’s a bad LED itself. v1.1 were manufactured with defective batch, so we had to swap with ones from another supplier. We did test & repair each board, but yours must be slipped by as working one.

There was 2 known issues with RGB:

  • LED flicker, or works on pressing it: Need to replace LED itself (WS2812B).
  • Displaying wrong colors: Need to bypass signal transistor:

So, we can simply ship you a new board, unless you intend to try fixing it yourself (but pinout of these LED is random and may be difficult to find a matching one, or just simply replace them with a LED strip).

The transistor was already bridged.

I would of course be very happy if you could send a new board, I bought it in the Czech Republic from https://shop.hobbyrobot.cz/, so I don’t know if I should take it up with them?

Wrote you a private message.