X4 Maximum Current Draw

Can anyone please summarise the maximum individual and total current draw for the X4.

I am assuming that it is capable of running at the same time 3 off Tower Pro MG 995 which have a stall current of 1.2A each and, 4 off Mini DC motors with a stall current of 1.6A.

What is the maximum load I can get away with?

Servos are 5 Volt. On board converter is rated for 5 Amps. So, up to 25 Watt.
Motors are powered directly from battery with current limiter of 1 Amp per channel. So 45 Watt.

Theoretical maximum current draw from battery: 25W+45W=70W. 70W / 11.1V = 6.3 Amps.

Supplied 11.1V battery is rated for ~5 Amps (don’t remember exactly at the moment). So it should be enough for most applications. Reaching maximum current draw is highly unlikable.