X4.function addEvent

Hi guys !

When I add a target in a new model on the mobile app, I can’t find the auxiliary functions X4.functionA, X4.functionB, X4.functionC, X4.functionD. Only the 4 dc motors and the 3 servos are listed as valid targets for the widgets I add to the model . Am I missing something ?

By the way, the X4 board is very cool !

Hi, maybe you are using iOS app? This functionality is only available in Android for now :confused:

By the way, the X4 board is very cool !

Thanks. Follow the news. It will get a lot cooler in a few weeks :wink:

Sadly, I am using the ios app. I’ll make an interface myself to control the robot and save the values I am sending to the board for servos and motors !

Thank you :slight_smile:

Some updates to this topic.

Next iOS app release will support “function” feature.

For now, “Totem App override” feature can be used as alternative: https://docs.totemmaker.net/roboboard/api/totemapp/#override-commands