X4 and raspberry pi connectivity

Hi guys ! For a future project I may have to connect a X4 board with a raspberry pi and I plan to do it over UART . Is the usb ports the best solution or should I instead connect the board with GPIO. If I choose GPIO pins, is there a voltage incompatibilty (3.3v - 5v) ?

Thx for your answers :slight_smile:

Pin voltage of X4 and RPi is 3.3V, so yes - you can connect GPIO pins directly for UART communication.
Check this post to configure X4 pins for UART: Which serial ports can I safely map to GPIO on the X4? - #2 by Arnas

But in my opinion it is better to use USB port in this case. A few advantages:

  • More sturdy connection (with USB cable)
  • Leaves free GPIO pins for other uses
  • You can remotly flash X4 firmware using esptool.py
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Thank you for the super fast answer !

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