Where can I get CUTTABLE STRIP BRACKET in Germany?

I am really excited about your products, but I find in your Totem XL Maker Kit are too few cuttable strip brackets included. That’s why I actually have to buy some more. But even if I order 10 packs from your webshop, the shipping costs to Germany are as expensive as the shopping cart itself. Therefore the question: Is there a webshop in Germany that sells cuttable strip brackets? I have unfortunately not found one, but maybe you know some advice!
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https://www.reichelt.de/ is our distributor in Germany, but seems they don’t have this part specifically.

You can try Kiwi Electronics: https://www.kiwi-electronics.com/en/brand-totem/cuttable-strip-bracket-200-mm-4-pack-10648
Or Electrokit: https://www.electrokit.com/en/product/totem-cuttable-strip-bracket-200-mm-4-pack/
Maybe they will have better shipping rates to your location.

List of distributors: Distributors | Totemmaker.net

I took kiwi-electronics, it is in dutch but as a german you can understand it. Thanks for the quick reply!

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I forgot to mention: They actually have cheaper shipping costs: Now I pay 6,95 € - that’s okay.