Using distance and line following modules


Is there a way to used the distance and/or line following modules with a standard ESP32 kit? I understand modules are using CANBUS and MQTT.

I would like to connect these modules to my own developed ESP32 board.


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Modules do use CANBUS, but protocol is not MQTT. It is a custom one, designed specifically for Totem module ecosystem. From the looks - it is quite similar. You can send command(topic) with value or subscribe to command(topic) but under the hood it’s a different thing.

Connecting Totem modules to custom boards isn’t straight forward. You would need 5V, CAN transceiver chip and micromatch connector. So using generic I2C or exposed pin modules is probably an easier solution.

Also, we would require to release third-party software support (similar as TotemLibrary now is). So it’s more of the question how many makers are going to integrate TotemBUS into their boards.

Thanks for the answer.

More makers (based on my conversations with them) are more interested in building their own TotemBus module :wink: