TotemDuino: still with battery charger?

For the TotemDuino I have found the schematics PDF titled v1.8;
these show a battery charger and connector for a 3.7V LiPo battery - but I cannot identify these components on the product images, nor is it reflected in the product text;
the 3.7V battery type seems to be still available - but it seems to be only useful for 3V3 setup?

TotemDuino board v1.8 contained a reserved space for the battery charging circuit, but components were not soldered. It was completely removed in version v1.9 (the one we are shipping past few years). So it never had such feature. That circuit in PDF schematic is misleading and shouldn’t be there. Thanks for pointing this out.

The 3.7V battery we are selling is dedicated for Mini Control Board X3.

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