Totemduino / Atom / PlatformIO


My Totemduino works fine with the Arduino editor, but not with the Atom editor with PlatformIO plugin.
The code compiles and upload without errors, but nothing happens. When i send the same code with the Arduino editor it works fine. Also, when i send the code with the Platform editor to an Arduino Uno, it also works fine?

Anyone any advice for me?
Many thanks,

Just tried myself and it worked.

My guess is that Atom-PlatformIO detects incorrect port to upload code.


  1. Save main.cpp file.
  2. Build.
  3. Upload (check if detected port (COMxx) is the same you select in Arduino IDE).

Also, it’s recommended to use VSCode for PlatformIO. Atom provides limited functionality.

Hi aaarnas,

Thanks for your reply.
It works! (altough i don’t know what was wrong)
I will have a look at the VSCode.

Best regards,