TotemBus Connectors

Hi, what type are the TotemBus connectors (red, 6pin)?

Hi David, welcome to the forums! We’ve used micromatch connectors from TE Connectivity in there – it offers quite good variety of different types of compatible connections (angled, straight version with either through hole or surface mount options). During our initial research it made the most sense to use those as it offered not a compact package and sturdy connections, but enough pins as well – we’re not only passing communications, but enough power for the whole system in there as well.

I guessed that might be these but was not sure. They are fine. Morever, it is explicitly stated they are designed to be pulled by the cable :smiley:
So 188275-6 on board (smd) and 215083-6 on the ribbon? For tht, I reckon 215079-6 should be used, yet these would need a polarization hole in the PCB.

Yes, that’s exactly it! We switched out to mostly using SMD type, as it is so much easier to manufacture compared to the THT variant. For the cables, although it’s easy to make one yourself with just pliers, you can even find premade cables in various lengths at e.g. : farnell. The important bit is to keep cable polarity correct, so first pin on one board matches on the other side! We had some casualties along the way due to flipped wire :smiley:
Also there is (or should I say was) a more cost-effective solution by TE Connectivity, with less mating cycles, as well as reduced thermal performance, although now it has been reduced to just several pin count variants. It’s distinguished by black color vs typical red.

I ordered this type yesterday because is it on the stock. I hope that will be sit too :wink: