TotemArduino version v1.0.5

An update went out for RoboBoard X4. This includes:

TotemLibrary version v1.0.5:

  • Internal changes & cleanup.
  • Added getNumber(), getSerial(), ping() functions.
  • Fixed write() function parameter packing.
  • Allowed to subscribe even if result handler is not registered.
  • Added module 11 example code.
  • Added X4 examples EasyStart, Empty.

RoboBoard X4 firmware v1.20:

  • Rewritten packets routing logic.
  • Rewritten implementation, fixed communication with TotemBUS modules.
  • Added revision version

X4 firmware is automatically flashed each time you upload a code with Arduino. Nothing additional needs to be done.

Update can be downloaded using “Manage Libraries…” in Arduino IDE,
or “Libraries” section inside PlatformIO.

Be aware to use ESP32 Arduino core version 1.0.4. Later versions are incompatible with PS Controller tutorial.
For instructions selecting older version - read Arduino setup tutorial.