Totem Spider Pi mounting

Just a quick question - has anyone with the Totem Spider kit mounted a Raspberry Pi in there somewhere?

I have received a prototype Pi HAT that will interface with the X4 controller, but Im just looking for some inspiration in terms of a clean mounting.



We have mounting kit for Raspberry Pi: Snap-On Brackets for Totem Rack for Grove Modules and Arduino/Raspberry |
Unfortunately - STL files are not available.

This sits nicely on top of the Spider. Could mount to other locations also.

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Thanks Arnas I really like that solution.
It would be nice to try and mount it inside somehow, perhaps shifting the X4 a little.

You would be able to mount a Pi Zero 2 really discretely with one of those lovely brackets.

Are they available to buy? I dont have access to a printer anyway ha ha

Yes. They are available to buy from our shop. Link above.

Apologies, got distracted by the pictures ha ha

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