Totem Filament Holder and Box

My printer is located in an unheated, ventilated garage with the possibility of high levels of humidity.

Filament Holders using Totem parts. I used M10 screwed rod 97mm long with nuts. (Basically because that what was lying around).

Box was an Ikea SAMLA Box, transparent39x28x28 cm/22 l (SAMLA transparent, Box, 39x28x28 cm/22 l - IKEA).

Lid clips curtesy of Woodbert (Ikea Samla Clip. The best one. Period. ( Liter) by Wookbert - Thingiverse)

Other non printed parts used:- All from Amazon

Bearings - sourcing map 6000ZZ Ball Bearing 10mm x 26mm x 8mm Double Shielded 6000-2Z 80100 Deep Groove Bearings High Carbon Steel Z1

HALJIA 2 Meters PTFE Teflon Bowden Tube 4.0mm ID 6.0mm OD for 3mm Filament Compatible with 3D Printer RepRap Rostock Kosselr(White)

Sourcing map Straight Pneumatic Push to Quick Connect Fittings G1/4 Male x 6mm Tube OD

Sourcing map Plastic Straight Union Push to Connect Tube Fitting 6mm OD Push Fit Lock Blue


Filament Nut Holder x1v4.stl (17.4 KB)

Spacers10.4x16x3 (x2) 10.4x8x24 (x1).stl (28.2 KB)
Washer 10x30x2 with 8 Spacer.stl (14.1 KB)


Filament Nut Holder x1v4.stl (17.4 KB)

Hi. I’ve made some updates that I would like to share. I was having a lot problems lining up the M10 hex nuts into the holders. I’ve done away with the M10 steel screwed rod and nut, and printed off in plastic. The screwed nuts are now round and will drop in from any position.

I also fitted a hygrometer logger to one of the holders, and connects to my phone via the Sensor Blue App. This was purchased very cheaply from Amazon.

Any other could be used and fitted accordingly. I had to glue mine to the 30mm beams.

I’ve attached altered files below.

Filament Nut Holder v5.stl (18.1 KB)
M10 Screwed Spacer.stl (484.0 KB)
M10x94 Filament Reel Holder.stl (130.2 KB)
Spacer M10 x33.stl (7.1 KB)
Washer 10x36x2 with 8 Spacer.stl (14.1 KB)