Totem controlled dfrobot devastator

Hello all!

I’m looking to breathe some life into my dfrobot devastator platform by fitting it with the X4 controller to control it.
I like how it can recharge the battery and I’d like to expand it with totem bus modules (and a Raspberry Pi) in the near future.
Has anyone dine something similar, and if so what motors did you buy?

I have some motors from an old spider kit, but the shaft is off-centre so i cant use them with the devastator.


Didn’t your devastator kit came with motors already? Even if they are 6V, still can be used with X4 (12V). For motors it’s more about current (A), not voltage (V).

As I see - they have 2 versions:

  • One with 6V 160RPM L Shape (yellow) motors (shaft 5.8mm)
  • One with 6V 133RPM metal gear motors (shaft 4mm)

They use shaft couplers (D2, M2) to join motor with drive sprocket.

So it depends on coupler you have, but solutions that I could offer:

  • Yellow motor. Seems like mounting differs from the one they using (L shaped), but I see chassis plate has additional holes and should fit in.
  • Spider motor (245 RPM) shaft is 6mm. Because it’s off-center, you may need to drill some holes.
  • RoboCar motor (400 RPM) shaft is 4mm. Dimensions are exactly the same as their 6V 133RPM metal gear motor. Should be drop-in replacement. And with this speed robot will be flying (which is more fun probably).

Dimensions of our motors: Is there any Documentation for this Motor - #4 by Arnas

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Ah, thank you for your reply!
My kit did come with motors, but they have seen better days (fairly old kit) and they don’t have the jst connector on and my soldering skills are terrible.

Im.gping to pick up the robocar motors, thank you!

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It is alive!
Ordered the motors you recommended and added the X4 with them.
Next will be to squeeze in a Raspberry Pi with a totem HAT and get some cool atuff happening.

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Super cool! With addition of RGB it now looks even more devastating :smiley:

Is RoboCar motors enough powerful to drive this beast around? Wasn’t sure how much of the drag these tracks will induce.

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I love the internal glow!
Yeah the motors work great, its a lot nippier when it gets going.
Im going to dig out my charger and get the batteries to fill capacity and see how it goes :blush: