Totem Board Support package released

Announcing release of totem-bsp. This GitHub repository contains a set of libraries (components) to use RoboBoard X4 with barebone ESP-IDF project, an official Espressif way to develop ESP32 applications. esp-idf is an actively developing framework, featuring latest funcionality and full control of Espressif SoC.

While using this framework is quite steep learning curve for beginners - every ESP32 supported application (like Arduino or Micropython) is built upon it, so everyone are using it, sometimes without even knowing it.

By using board support package - RoboBoard X4 can be integrated into virtually any popular framework or used for advanced projects with maximum flexibility. You can focus on you application without a need to tinker with each pin or integrated circuits.

This is initial release. More features, documentation and integration to Arduino will come later.


Update v2.0.0

New release for totem-bsp includes some changes:

  • Removed high level code. Stick to C drivers only.
  • Included RoboBoard X3 support
  • Added CAN bus control for RoboBoard X4
  • Fixed various issues
  • Simplified and changed some API
  • Included more documentation
  • Improved example code
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