Totem Beam Pro-Cutter

Wow. Well done to all involved. Cutting is so easy and clean. No ragged edges. Have you any estimates of how long the blades last and also will you be stocking new blades.

The old beam cutter is still necessary for cutting odd sizes and towers.

I see that only one half of the blades are used. I presume the blades can be changed round if necessary. Has anyone tried this? It doesn’t look all that straightforward.

Looking at mine the blades are branded Stanley. I would have expected them to use single sided blades?

And it does not look like an easy task to replace them!

I have used my Pro Cutter for at least a year, and it’s still cutting fine. It will of course depend on use, but I have used it a lot. The Stanley blades are tough. The blades isn’t that difficult to change. But you have to disassemble a couple of parts. There will be a document showing how-to change blades.
I saw the name in web-shops are: STANLEY 11-515 SINGLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES.
You can buy them for approx 6.8£ for 20x, so I believe the cost will be 2£ / year with normal use.