Totem Arduino release 2.0.14-totem.1

Arduino 2.0.14-totem.1

After quite some time, we are releasing new Arduino version for RoboBoard programming. This brings a completely new programming interface, features and documentation. Mainly everything was changed in favor of more mature vision of RoboBoard product and future upgrades.

This version now follows official ESP32 Arduino implementation with added functionality of RoboBoard for better compatibility with Arduino libraries and tutorials.


You can simply upgrade to new version trough Arduino IDE.

Also we have upgraded setup tutorials for most popular applications:



Mainly everything was changed, so make sure to check example codes on how to control RoboBoard features. Also, full documentation is available here:


Some key changes of new release:

  • Update to ESP32 Arduino core 2.0.14
  • Include support for RoboBoard X3
  • Add Drivetrain driving algorithms
  • Add TotemApp control and command overrides
  • Add Color name list for RGB lights
  • Add accelerometer and gyroscope support (IMU)
  • Add DC motor acceleration control
  • Add Servo motor sequences
  • Add power on and connection sound
  • Updated X4 module API
  • Change API from ‘X4’ to independent features
  • General API improvements and bugfix
  • Updated RoboBoard example code
  • New Arduino IDE menu options
  • Other features and improvements