Totem Arduino 2.0.17-totem.3

Changelog: Release 2.0.17-totem.3 路 totemmaker/TotemArduinoBoards 路 GitHub

Released RoboBoard Arduino with some important updates:

  • Updated to ESP32 core v2.0.17.
  • Fixed motor shaking when playing tones (on power-on).
  • X3 servo speed control.
  • X4 motor driver update. Added slow decay mode.
  • Updated totem-bsp with low-level C functions.
  • Some new code examples are available for robotic kits.
  • Many more (see changelog).

For X4 driver update read tutorial: RoboBoard X4 - Totem Documentation

This update includes a lot of changes, so don鈥檛 hesitate to contact us if faced any issue :slight_smile:

Why not latest ESP32 version v3.0.2?

Version v3.x.x uses newer Espressif libraries, which has a lot of braking changes. This results in slightly increased code size, changed API and incompatibility with some Arduino libraries.
Our used ESP32 chip variant doesn鈥檛 benefit much from these updates, so it is wise to stick with stable release and wait until new version is fully established.

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