Totem Arduino 2.0.14-totem.2

Changelog: Release 2.0.14-totem.2 路 totemmaker/TotemArduinoBoards 路 GitHub

RoboBoard X4 CAN bus

Now you can connect X4 to CANbus networks and read or write messages using C++ code.

void setup() {
  // Start CAN peripheral at 500kbps
void loop() {
  // Wait for CAN packet receive. 300ms timeout
  if (CAN.readPacketWait(300)) {
    // Get received packet
    auto packet = CAN.getPacket();
    //,, packet.len, packet.ext, packet.rtr
  // Send CAN packets
  uint8_t data[8] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};
  CAN.writePacketExt(0x112233, data, 8); // Extended
  CAN.writePacketStd(0x1AB, data, 8);    // Standard

Documentation: CAN. (X4) - Totem Documentation
Examples: Examples 鈫 RoboBoard 鈫 CAN

Monitor CAN trafic

You can use open source SavvyCAN for CAN bus traffic monitor.

For setup instructions check:

RoboBoard X3 v3.1

Included support for latest RoboBoard X3 revision. This one has total of 4 servo motors and some other improvements. For full list check RoboBoard X3 - Totem Documentation
Shop: RoboBoard X3 - Programmable Robot Development Kit |

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