Totem Android v1.50

Our Android app just received version 1.50 update with over 110 changes overall. It includes major improvements in app looks and usability, making usage more pleasant and functional.

Version v1.50 highlights

Model lists

Now models are divided in two separate lists:
Totem - Models created for robotic kits. It contains predefined model for each robotic kit. These models can’t be changed by user.
Custom - User defined models. In this list you can create new, edit, remove or copy models from Totem list.

Model management

Press and hold on model to open menu. Here you can save it to device, send to someone or create a copy.
NOTE: exported files (.json) are not compatible with iOS app.

Model icon

Now you can change model icons. Just click on icon in editing mode.


Updated widgets now has nicer design, can be rotated, snapped to grid. Also allows to choose icons.

Widget settings

Widget configuration is improved and much more intuitive. Separate sliders for each action with
zero, history and swap buttons.

Board image

A board image is shown during connection.

Incorrect driving fix tool

Some robots may have incorrect wiring or reversed motor polarity resulting in wrong driving direction. This menu allows to restore correct driving direction by changing provided settings. They are saved for each robot separately and will be remembered on next connection.


Visual update:

  • App UI
  • New tutorial
  • Widget appearance
  • Widget settings
  • Improved connection indication
  • Animated main screen background


  • Separate model list (Totem & Custom)
  • Model options: Save, Open, Share, Duplicate, Edit, Delete
  • Model icon chooser
  • Widget rotation
  • Widget duplication
  • Widget icons
  • Widget snapping to grid
  • Board image in connection list
  • Robot motors invert menu
  • App settings


  • Connection problem when module is attached to RoboBoard X4
  • Issue when two widgets controlling same servo channel
  • Widgets scaling across devices
  • Other bug fix & improvements

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