Terrace Computer (Totem on DIN Rail)

Last summer, I needed to quickly create a holding structure for my “terrace computer.” To control the lights, the pump in the fountain and a small irrigation system, etc. Totem was the solution :slight_smile:

DIN Rail clip are standard WAGO p/n: 209-123

It is 0.4 mm wider, but easy to grind. I changed the supplied screw to a metric M3, which is compatible with Totem nuts.

So nothing special, but I think it can be a little inspiration for others :wink:

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This was a tidy and well built project. It should be quite useful to make different DIN Rail modules like this.

This is phenomenal!
I want to assemble a small test computer from an arduino and other parts; using the panels as mounting plates are a brilliant idea.
I may have to use this cube form factor and assemble modules that can be put together.