Some questions


I Have a plan to build a small 4 harm robot with 1 servo by harm using the new X4 board. But I can’t see how to extend the board from 3 to 4 servos ? with an X3 ? Also, I can’t see the cable needed to connect Totem board using the bus connector.



servo motor extension module is under development and expected to be available in Q2 this year (along with other sensors and IO).
Currently maximum of 3 channels are available.

You could connect X3 board from X4 over BLE, to work as external expansion module, but that is not an elegant solution.

Thank you. So it give me time to purchase the first bits. Do you have some roadmap we can follow ?

Hardware design and software is going according to plan. We already have some prototypes and arranging manufacture of production units. Can’t provide exact estimations, cause it still can be affected due pandemic situation and shortage of some components.