Serial connection on My MacOS Ventura impossible

Someone has found a solution for this problem; The new mac’s doe work with the duino.
I also found that de Mini b connection on the duino must be a very old type because it is not compatible with actual Mini b connections. And when I mean old reas it as very old.
The way it is actualy Arduino will not work witk tha latest mac’s.
Someone has a good idea about this.


As I see there was not much response on this item I can tell I did some work on it.
The Driver for the Mac’s PL2303 UB from Prolific is not upgraded any more and this for years. I tried the latest version but no result.

Hi Marcel,

I’ve now tested it with TotemDuino v.1.9 with macOS Sonoma (v. 14.4.1), can confirm that it works, and it doesn’t seem to be needing any external drivers for it – in my case System Information reports that no extensions are loaded.
Could you check what board version you’re using? Typically we have version printed on both sides of the board, bottom-right. Also if the device is recognised by OS, System Report should show same Product and Vendor ID for Totemduino as in the screenshot. (apple menu->about this mac->more info->system report->USB->select USB-Serial controller). And lastly, don’t know if that makes a difference, but is it an Intel or Apple silicon mac you’re using?