Screws for plastic fittings

I have ordered some extra fittings to make more frames like the Grove frame TKM-GR1. I now need more of the items described as “Screw for Plastic” as distinct from the M3 bolts. I cannot find the “Screw for Plastic” as an item on your web site.

Is it possible to get some from you or should I order from elsewhere?

Also on this page:

there is mention of an item called “Nut holder” which I cannot find elsewhere.


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Hi John,
These are the ones you should look at:

Best Lars


Hi John,

Nut holder was supposed to be used for mounting electronics. But we found a better solution, so we don’t sell the nut holder anymore. We would advise using Threaded Nylon Spacer M3x8 or Nylon Spacer Standoff M3x8.