RoboBoard X3 release

RoboBoard X3

Happy to announce new product that joins our RoboBoard family!

This is a replacement for our legacy Mini Control Board, so all products from 2023-Q2 that packs RoboBoard X3 became not only remote controllable, but also Arduino programmable. It’s a smaller brother to RoboBoard X4, that has a lot of features for it’s size:

  • ESP32 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2 Servo motor ports (3.7 Volt)
  • 4 DC motor ports (3.7 Volt)
  • 3 GPIO pins + (2 servo SIG)
  • 2 LDO regulators
  • 4 RGB lights
  • IMU sensor (accel and gyro)
  • Reset, Boot buttons
  • On/Off switch
  • Battery input, integrated charger
  • Qwiic (STEMMA QT compatible) (for connecting modules)
  • USB-C (power, data, charging)

This is a fully capable, compact robot development board for smaller robots.
So, setup Arduino and start programming right away!


This guy looks great!

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And also works great!

With such a tiny package you can connect quite a few things to it.

  • With Qwiic port displays and other sensors can be connected
  • With GPIO pins some custom controls or communication can be done
  • With included IMU functions, easily read accelerometer and gyroscope data
  • Cross compatible code with RoboBoard X4 (run same code)
  • New DC motor 20kHz slow decay PWM control mode allows for linear speed control and high torque at low speed. Huge difference from previous implementation.
  • And not to forget - full ESP32 functionality with access even to the Internet