Power supply

I just ordered the mini lab, and being from the UK I will either have to use either a plug adapter or another source of power.
I assume that using a power supply that I have spare will be ok.
Its a 5 amp supply fully regulated and smoothed power supply for ham radio use.
I also wonder if certain sensors or measurements may be better due to the fact the power output is so clean.

Thanks Chris

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Yes, it’s fine to use an external power supply. TotemDuino DC jack can accept voltages between 9-30V. Typically 12-15V is used. The only caveat is to wire it properly (connector is center positive).

Low voltage electronics (3.3V, 5V) doesn’t benefit from high quality power supply, because it all comes down to internal voltage regulators (to convert from 12V to 5V, 3.3V).

This is also explained in TotemDuino documentation:

Powering up
MiniLab comes with a 12 V, 1.5 Amp external power supply. Internally, supply voltage is
then regulated into several voltages needed to run various parts of the system. Each of
these can be used during measurements or experiments, as they do have easily accessible
pins that equipment can be connected to.

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Hi Chris

I have bought many kits and they all arrived with a 2 pin plug. I just bought a shaver adapter from the local supermarket and it works a treat.

All the best

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