Modules 14, 15, 22 released

New RoboBoard X4 extension modules has been released.

Line follower


Module designed for line tracking. Empower your robot to follow a specific route.

  • 8 IR sensors + 8 LED
  • Line detection indication using LED
  • Automatic White / Black line detection (no need to specify in software)
  • Automatic contrast calibration (no need to adjust sensitivity)
  • Other features available trough Commands

Documentation: [14] Line follower module
Example code: 14_lineFollower.ino
Shop: Line follower module for RoboBoard X4


Potentiometer module


Module for user input to code running on RoboBoard X4. Sometimes it is convenient to have adjustable input without a need of code recompilation and uploading each time when something has to be changed. This module gives 3 potentiometers and 3 buttons to play with.

  • 3 analog knobs
  • 3 buttons
  • 3 LED

Documentation: [15] Potentiometer module
Example code: 15_potentiometer.ino
Shop: Potentiometers module for RoboBoard X4

Environment sensor module


Want to measure temperature in your room? Or light condition? This module has a few sensors combined in the board. Using Commands you can get various measurements without a need for any libraries or unit conversion.


  • Luminosity, color (RGB), amount of infrared light
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure and altitude

Documentation: [22] Environment sensor
Example code: 22_sensor.ino
Shop: Sensor module for RoboBoard X4

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Nice very nice! Especially sensor for line follower :wink:

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Finally DIY modules that work on a CAN BUS platform !

Dexi, co takhle konečně něco jiného, než line followera? Lidé začínají brát tohle jako vrchol robotiky :smiley:

Who’s talking about line followers? In my case, it’s useful for Ketchup House, for example :wink:

But anyone who tries to create a really fast and accurate line follower knows that it’s not as easy as it may seem… :sunglasses:

Creating line follower is one thing, but steering robot at high speed is another :wink:

We tried it with front wheel steering Truck. At slow speed it goes well, but with more throttle it starts to oscillate and looses track. At least PID controller is required. In this case - underrated potentiometer module comes in handy :smiley:

From my point of view, the potentiometer module will go higher when the display or sound module is released, so its time will come soon :wink: