Minilab, windows 11, PL2303, no communication

My Minilab keeps having problems connecting to my computer. A few days ago I finally got it working, now after disconnecting and reconnecting it doesn’t work again. I tried connecting with the drivers from Products

Windows keep telling me that PL2303TA does not support Windows 11. How do I fix this permanently?

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I tried the older driver available here:
And this seemed to work for Windows 11. Weird that an old driver works better than the latest one.

I have the PL-2303 TA chipset.

Thanks. That helped! I know have a 2007 driver that works perfect>

Manufacturer discontinued PL2303TA chip support on Windows 11 and removed older drivers from their website.

Working driver can be found here:
Just unzip package and run PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.12.0.exe installer.

New guide for PL2303 issue is available :