Minilab clipping to a baseboard

I would like to fix my minilab to a piece of softboard, alongside other similar items which would need to be connected electrically in various ways. One way I have thought of is to fix a beam along the front edge of the board and then connect the items to it so that the arrangement can be changed as needed.

I need two sorts of fixings, to fix the beam to the board and then to fix or clip items to it. Are there any suggestions for suitable fixings?

Thank you John

Hi John,

Fixing the beam along the front of the edge sounds like a good idea. We don’t have a Totem way to do that, but drilling few holes in the softboard would be a good solution (if you have the tools for this).
You can also make a base using Totem beams and boards (without the softboard). This way you would have 5mm x 5mm grid of holes on the whole base - fixing other items would be quick and easy.

Thank you. The obvious way to fix a rail would be to fit it with the round holes up with long enough bolts to go through the base. I would then want to clip the rail to the front rail of the panel. Both the Mini Lab and the Grove rack have a front rail which has the slots up. I would need something to clipp the two rails together firmly, which can be detached when needed. I do not think there is such a thing at the moment.