Mini Lab Problems

I’ve been unable to wire up anything on the breadboards provided with the mini lab.

I thought it was just because I am a beginner but when I redid the wiring on an external board (still using the connections from the mini lab) it all worked.

They look like they are mounted correctly (i.e. I the numbers are the right way up). Is there something else I have missed. Or should I buy new breadboards from someone else? (If so, any recommendations?)


These are breadboard connections used in MiniLab.
You mean red lines aren’t connecting well?

Yes I think so. I am a beginner so its possibly my fault.

I was following the schematic at the beginning of the manual (just wiring up an led, no programming)

I could not get it to work on either breadboard. But when I used an external board connected to the mini lab it worked fine.

built in board

Also several of the metal bits off the back off the built in board fell off but I put them back in. (after pics were taken)

external board (working)

You have connected everything right. We can ship you replacement breadboards (we have new ones).
Check private messages for details.