Mini lab Main board does not work

Have same problem with mini lab main board on not powering on. Have done the firmware update and voltage checks and still no luck.

Could you measure voltage of +3.3V and +5V pins?
Which LabBoard version you have? v.2.1, v.2.2, v.2.3 ?

Just received a new main board I purchased from Pimoroni and after about 3 minutes after installing it, it also quit working. Checking with a volt meter I have no 3.3 volts.

Version 2.3. Voltage check on main board shows no 3.3 voltage but 5 v and -5 volt ok. Green light blinking on duino board and red solid when switch is in 5 volt position. Switching to 3.3 volt green light goes out but red still stays solid. Unplugging the flat cable green light flashes in both switch positions. With flat cable unplugged I get 3.3 volts on duino board. This is upsetting as this is a brand new board.

Also, with power off, reads a direct short between 3.3 V and ground.

Thank you for information. A short between 3.3V and ground indicates that LabBoard is broken, but TotemDuino seems ok. There has been a few similar cases, but they were caused by using VREG pins (probably by accidently connecting VIN to it). Broken out of the box is something new. Each board was programmed and calibrated before shipping, so they did work.

Maybe it’s something terribly wrong with flat cable of TotemDuino you have. Nevertheless we will ship you a replacement kit.

You should have received and email from our support with further details.