Mini Lab breadboard

Can anyone suggest a better make of breadboard to use for the Mini Lab

I bought my lab a few months ago and just started using it in anger, both breadboard supplied have mamy bad connections and I’m either troubleshhoting bad connections or just trying to find somewhere on the breadboard which works.

Quality of the boards is really bad, which I’m suprised about if its being used in education.

So, with that in mind, can anyone suggest a brand that would be a better choice?


The ones used in Mini Lab was chosen long time ago and should be definitely upgraded. There a few more Mini Lab improvements we are working on so breadboards are expected to change in later product releases.

Quality breadboards are quite tricky thing to find, because it’s visually indistinctible and the only way to know is to peel the back off and peek at contacts inside. So buying breadboards at various stores is a guessing game mostly.

The only quality ones I know (for sure) is from Adafruit:

I had good experience with brand WISHER, TME selling it for example.

Because I’ve been really annoyed about breadboards and needed at least five attempts until I found a decent board (all are made in China, all look the same, different “brands”, but then again the same crap) here’s my recommendation (not quite cheap in comparison, but as my mother always said: Who buys cheap, buys twice):
TRU Components EIC-102 (Approx. 12 EUR)