List of Totem modules

We are in constant development of new Totem modules. They can be attached to RoboBoard X4 and controlled by Arduino code. Share your thoughts on what kind of sensors or functionality you would like to see in the future?

Available modules

NR Function Docs Example code Shop
11 Distance measure [11] 11_distance.ino Buy
14 Line follower [14] 14_lineFollower.ino Buy
15 Potentiometer [15] 15_potentiometer.ino Buy
22 Environment sensor [22] 22_sensor.ino Buy

In development / consideration

  • I/O - Universal input / output.
  • Led strip - driving addressable LED strips.
  • GPS - positioning and time.
  • LCD - text display.
  • Servo extension - more servo channels.
  • Stepper - stepper motor driver.
  • BLDC - brushless motor driver.
  • Speaker - sound output.

NOTE: this list is only guidance and does not assure exact outcome.

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  • Lidar (Fix or rotating)
  • LCD
  • Presure sensor
  • Speaker
  • Servo and DC motor module
  • GPS

Thanks for suggestion! Updated the list.

Lidars are quite expensive and incorporates moving parts. Maybe not now, but we will think of advanced routing solution.

By pressure you meant pressure pad or atmospheric pressure (barometer)? What applications for X4 you could think of, using this sensor?

For Lidar you can found chinese rotating Lidar starting at 50€. Is still expansive for one item but can be fun to use in a robot ^^ .

For the pressure sensor I meean force sensor like this one:
So you can use it to detect when the robot bump on something or if one of the leg is in contact with the ground.

For bumper a simple limit switch could be used:

X4 has 4 GPIO pins that can be hooked to detect switch press. Also, they are analog capable, so some resistive based pressure or force sensors can be used.
X4 features - Totem Programming (Analog input tab).

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Updater list with new RoboBoard X4 extension module family members:


Which modules do I need?

"Text Display" - any 16x2, 16x4 or 20x4 OLED display will be great. For me, good readability to ~ 1 meter is important (the display will be on the robot on the ground and I can read it comfortably). A few buttons around will be handy for some simple intuitive menus.

"BLDC Motor Driver" - this is a bit misleading, in fact I need to control similar motors like this FIT0441_Brushless_DC_Motor_with_Encoder_12V_159RPM-DFRobot so 1 pin for PWM, 1 pin for direction and 1 pin for feedback. Maybe some “universal GPIO module” will solve it also.

"Motor Controller for Small Motors" - I mean motors like N20, but for 12 V and with the support of two end switches.

"Serial Device Bridge Module" - I have many modules and sensors from the past that communicate through the serial port. A simple buffered bridge with a TotemBus would be great :grinning:

I’m thinking of a few more, so I’ll add more ideas in the future :wink:

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Hi, thank you for suggestions.

Display support for X4 is definitely coming. One way or another.

For a small motors like N20, you can use DC ports. They are 12V. If connecting 6V motors, just limit power to 50%.
For end switches you can use GPIO header. It can be subscribed Totem.X4.subscribe("gpioA") to get onModuleData event when switch is active.

Also, could you tell what serial modules you have (some of)? Will think about how to conveniently integrate them with X4.

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For example, I have:

SRF02 SRF02 Ultra sonic range finder
Sabretooth Sabertooth 2X5 regenerative dual motor driver - analog, R/C, and serial motor control
Pololu TReX Jr. Pololu TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller DMC02
Mini Maestro Pololu - Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled)

And I created a module myself that uses 5x SR04. Something like that Multiple HC-SR04 with Arduino using interrupts | Arashi Projects with serial communication.

My next module is something like 8x ADC again with serial etc.

I know I can connect the N20 directly to the X4, but instead I need those ports for motion motors :wink:

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