LabBoard firmware v2.50


We haven’t stop improving Mini Lab. Bringing some news of latest features introduced in LabBoard. This update is not only release of Firmware 2.50, but also Mini Lab documentation upgrade and release of new Totem Library 1.1.0 version to add support additional features.

AD9833 control

Control AD9833 chip directly from LabBoard. No more need to hook up TotemDuino, install libraries and flash code, just to use side panel features. Supports frequency and waveform select.

Pulse generator upgrade

Improved pulse generator mode menu. Now you can choose between 4 different units: frequency (Hz), period (µs), duty cycle (%), pulse width (µs). No more need to think in microseconds only.

Arduino control

Use Totem Library and it’s functions, to control LabBoard features directly from TotemDuino.

#include <Totem.h> // Includes LabBoard functions LB.*
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(57600); // Set baudrate to 57600
void loop() {
  LB.led.on(); // Turn all LabBoard LED on
  delay(1000); // Wait 1s; // Turn all LabBoard LED off
  delay(1000); // Wait 1s

Serial control

Control LabBoard using Serial protocol. Full list of commands allows to use it’s features and receive measurements. Can also use terminal or Python scripts to read values on PC.


Other updates

For full changelog - check 2.50 release notes.
If you found any issues - please share to resolve them.

Upgraded side panels documentation:

  • More explanatory.
  • Additional examples.
  • New schematics with layout aligned to components in side panel.
  • Clicking in panel image will jump to selected module.