LabBoard firmware v2.00

Huge news for Mini Lab fans out there! Today we are releasing long waited updates for one of our main products. Aside from firmware update, Mini Lab documentation is now available online with latest features included:

Whats new in 2.00?

This was a huge work, not because new features were introduced, but full rewrite of firmware was done. This allowed to fix various issues with previous versions and laid a path for future releases.

  • Firmware rewrite from scratch
  • Support v.2.3 revision board
  • Mode switch menu
  • Settings menu
  • I2C scan mode
  • DHT11 monitor mode
  • Serial monitor mode
  • Counter detect edge select
  • Frequency counter up to 23Mhz
  • Display brightness select
  • Manual ADC & DAC calibration
  • Manual boot enter
  • Version display
  • Factory reset

Display brightness

With introduced new settings menu - now display brightness can be changed any time.

Frequency up to 23Mhz

We managed to increase LabBoard capabilities and now it can measure up to blazing 23Mhz!

Serial monitor


New mode introduced allows to communicate with TotemDuino! Now you can print serial data on display and use LED and buttons for programming.

Firmware update

LabBoard firmware update can be carried trough TotemDuino. No more need for complicated setup!

And many more

Discover all new features in documentation site:


  • Improved firmware update guide to make it more reliable
  • Added UART update tutorial
  • Added SWD update tutorial
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