Lab Board: read the Voltmeter with Totemduino?

Is it possible to read the measured voltage of the Lab Board with the totemduino ?
Can I use the Ttemdino to read/write the DAC from the Lab Board ?
If so, how ?
If no, can you/ I change the Program off the Lab Board that is possible ?
I hope the questions can be understood.


this is a great idea. At the moment there is no such functionality.
This month, we are going to announce some news for Mini Lab. Some development has been going on regarding your suggestion.

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Thank you for the feedback.
I need it to measure automatic a lot of Voltages from different LED’s .

For this function are some “Standarts”. One is calling “SCPI”.
Its easy to implement
:MEASure :VOLTage :DC?
via seriel comunication.


Yes, serial communication is the most convenient here. Didn’t knew there was a standard for that. Will look into it.
The only caveat - LabBoard initially wasn’t designed to have internal wiring with TotemDuino, but this is solvable with two jumper cables.

With new firmware - Serial Monitor mode was introduced. Now you can communicate with LabBoard from TotemDuino. More information:

Your suggested features (like measure voltage) will be added in the next firmware release.

Updated firmware (2.50) now allows to read voltages and more:

#include <Totem.h> // Includes LabBoard functions LB.*
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(57600); // Set baudrate to 57600
void loop() {
  LB.led.on(); // Turn all LabBoard LED on
  delay(1000); // Wait 1s; // Turn all LabBoard LED off
  delay(1000); // Wait 1s