Lab board broken?


I need help with my lab board. First I want to mention that I’m total noob in electronics, I do coding more and sometimes do some tinkering using totem lab board.

Today I was try to experiment on circuit with npn transistors and n mosfets while using different voltages up to 12V from vreg.
Im not exactly what error I made, wrong connection or I shorted something while probing with multimeter, but after disconnecting power from whole totem lab and then connected again, the totem mini lab board does not light up :frowning:

When connected to power supply I can hear whining noise from totemduino when it is connected to lab board. For the voltages - all are ok on totemduino, but there is no 3.3V on lab board itself.

Is there any way to fix this? Is there some fuse Brown that I can replace to make it to work again?

unfortunately, labboard is broken (but TotemDuino seems fine).
If you check continuity between +3.3V and GND (True) there will be a short.

We will send you a replacement. Wrote you a private message about details.

Yes You’re right, just checked gnd and 3.3v and it has a short.