I can't get RoboBoard X4 to work

I own two RoboBoards X4, one from the Robocar kit and one I bought additionally. I briefly tested both boards (switched on, the LEDs lit up like a Christmas tree) and also used them with the Robocar. So far I have worked a lot with Arduino boards and the Arduino IDE, today I wanted to connect the RoboBoard X4 to the computer, used the board manager and also installed the library. But the RoboBoard is not recognized in the Arduino IDE. No chance. I used a USB-C to Mini USB data cable. Nothing. I used a USB-A to Mini USB cable. Nothing. No flashing, no glow. When I connect the battery, the board lights up happily. What’s going on? As written: I am quite sure that these are data cables, i.e. cables for transferring data. I am at a loss, HELP!!!
Arduino IDE: 2.3.2
RoboBoard X4 version: v1.1
Operating System: MacOS Ventura 13.6.6

Ahh, I’m stupid. I have to connect power or plug in the battery, then the whole thing will work. I had assumed that the board could be powered via USB. Sorry! I’m sorry!

Yes, it requires external power (and switch on) for programming. We may improve this in the future.