How to reset Totem minilab power supply?

Hi all,
I have a problem with totem minilab. The Led display does not work . The green light of the totem duino blinks and the red led is shown. Anyway to reset the totem duino of the minilab?


by “Led display” you refer to LabBoard display? Nothing on the LabBoard lights up and work? Is flat cable firmly attached to TotemDuino?

If yes - could you measure between GND and +3.3V and +5V pins using multimeter to check if power comes in?

Thanks for that . In fact the Lab board display remain dark
The totemDuino board green led blinks and the red led is shown red fixed
It happened after a few hours of fine working
Can the TotemDuino board be reset?

So green blinking LED means that TotemDuino is working fine. Reset won’t help here.
There is a problem with LabBoard not getting power or something is damaged.

Also try a few more tests to indicate the problem:

  • Toggle 3.3V and 5V switch on TotemDuino. Is green LED blinking and red LED is on in both switch positions?
  • Hold SET- button and plugin in power cable to TotemDuino. Does 0.5 LED light up?

Hi ,
When switch on 5V green led flashes and red led is fixed red
When switch is on 3.3 V Green led is off and red led fixed
Holding set- button and plugin in nothing happens the 0.5 V led does not light
ON the lab board I have 5v between +5V and gnd but nothing between 3V and gnd

I have all the power on +5V, -5V,VREG (2.07 V) , Vin (15V) but nothing on the 3.3 V

There is also 5V on pins 26,27 and 28 of HT 16K33

Ok, so the problem is clear now. One last check is required - disconnect flat cable from TotemDuino and measure 3V3 pin voltage. This is required to indicate if TotemDuino 3.3 voltage converter is bad or there is a short in LabBoard.

When flat cable disconnected from TotemDuino there no power ( 0V) on lab board pin +3.3V

Did you mean TotemDuino 3V3 pin? There will be no power on LabBoard if flat cable is disconnected. Measurement should be done on TotemDuino itself.

Sorry I measure 3.3V on the totem Duino board

Thank you for collaboration and sorry for your troubles. We will send you a replacement TotemDuino board. Our support will contact you with further details.

Thanks, I send you my details in a separate mail

Hi ,
Any newes of the replacement TotemDuino board as discussed. has it been sent to my postal address?
Thanks for keeping me posted

Check your private Messages here in forum. Also we have contacted you via email.