How to handle multiple Totembus modules with a X4?

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Does any of you know how I can connect eg. 2 distance sensors to a system based on a X4 card, while still having the possibility to have a totembus connector availalble to set up a daisy chain for other modules eg a X3?
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You can connect modules in any combination. They can be all daisy chained and recognized in the same network.

With “X3” you are referring to Mini Control Board X3 or old ones with sandwich function boards?

Mini Control Board X3 is only Bluetooth capable and doesn’t have TotemBUS connectors.
The old X3 boards (shipped with Truck and Robotic arm) are deprecated and won’t work with X4. We are switching to new hardware and software, so it’s being replaced.

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Thank you very much for your response!
Actually, the first picture says it all for me, since it’s clear for me now that the distance sensors can be daisy chained; this didn’t show so much from the YouTube clips about the distance sensor and eg. as headlights on the Jeep video. Your info about the X3 is more than welcome. My doubts are gone now. Thank you so much.
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Happy to help.

In terms of features and documentation, this is an early product, so it will only get better overtime. All the questions are welcome.