Forum category update

Hello :wave:

You may have spotted some changes in category listing. Some tidying up was done to create new categories and relocate all the topics to order our posted content more conveniently :construction:

Introducing new categories:

  • :grey_question: Questions - all questions related to Totem products. We will try to find a solution.
  • :wrench: Tutorials - all tips tricks and information to make or learn something more easily.
  • :printer: 3D printing - In Totem we are deeply interested in mechanics and 3D printing. In this category we encourage you to share experiences and look for help if something is not quite right. Also, there is a subcategory STL models for sharing your created models for 3D printing. Files can be attached when posting.
  • :fish_cake: Personal projects - we would like to see how Totem solutions helped to realize your ideas. Feel free to share.
  • :newspaper: News - all the newest latest and greatest from Totem. Here you will find information about new releases of products and our software. It helps to follow it more easily.