Fancy Corner

Sometimes more fancy corner are welcome :wink: In beta yet. When I finish design, I will share STL.


Yes there are situations where a full plastic corner could be interesting.
E.g get lower weight, faster building and having bolts available from outside the corner.
In this example on the picture we skip the nuts all together. We are screwing the bolts directly to the plastic, and no 6x10mm nuts are not needed. And all bolts are inserted from outside the corner. This specific corner example has a disadvantage that it has one overhang for 3D printing.
We are considering plastic, self threading brackets this year, to speed up building and lower weight.


also a nice corner :wink:

I’m working on something like a retro computer, but instead of an old PC case I plan to use Totem because it can be more flexible, smaller and lighter. But I need more fancy corner for that. So when you release the self threading brackets, I will change it immediately :wink:

Yes, you may get some inspiration from this project I’ m having. It’s a Raspberry PI case, like a suitcase. The purpose of it is to have all GPIOs available with a breakout board on the side. The 3D drawing indicates both the transport position of it, and when it is taken out for use.The breakout board will have power management and GPIO protection for the RB Pi.


Totem Cyberdeck - cool :grin:

This is awesome!
Which brackets did you use to mount the screen in that orientation?
I’m looking at building a raspberry Pi powered guitar pedal with the same screen and would love to have it mounted flush to the surface like yours.

Hi there,
You may find tips in this maybe?

And I made some suggestions here:

As you can see there are many ways to fix the display to Totem. The display is close to have a 5mm grid, but not entirely though. When will designers learn to have better mm grids. Stuck with the inches-world I suppose.
Using an adjustable Totem bracket, you will hit more accurately.
Br Lars

These are some excellent pointers, thank you Lars!