Connecting beams with dissimilar sides

Hi. I had a bit of a problem trying to describe what I wanted to do. I’ll just let the drawings talk? I used a M3 hex countersunk machine screw to help strengthen the PLA.

Beam diff side connector.stl (16.1 KB)


Hi there !
This part resembles a lot what we call a plastic bracket “L-twist-type”. As you see in the picture attached, we have started to use 4 types in a product, and more will come. We have standardized on a plastic screw, that is self threading. I has flat head, since we want to use it in combination plastic-to-metal brackets as well. We 3D print these now, and have designed them so that they don’t need support when printing. They perform very well we think. Saves weight and sometimes saves neighbor slots for other use.
Br Lars


Hi Lars.

Looks good. I had also been experimenting with your type 1. I tried 2mm forks sliding into the 6x2 slots with limited success.

The problem I was having, using PLA, was the 2mm thick parts were prone to breaking at the holes due to the reduced edge thickness. It would probably be ok printing with Nylon but although my Creator Pro 2 says it can print up to 260C., many users have posted problems.

I wonder how the plastic screws will perform with ham-fisted grunts like myself. After all I can easily strip the threads on the nylon stand-offs. I like the steel screws and I find they screw into the plastic ok. They are also cheap, magnetic and long lasting.

I have been using 12 sided holes 1.5mm diameter. (works ok with my printer). The M3 screws cut a tight thread and seem durable and reusable.

Many thanks for your interest,