Catarpillar Tracked Vehicle

Thought I’d try and design and build a caterpillar tracked vehicle. I understand now why most models have wheels instead, Initially the main problem was the tracks coming off the wheels but I have now managed to stop this happening. I altered the wheel bearing barrels to M4. I’ve got a nice MP4 film showing it in action. I’ll try sending it by email. Still to decide how to progress. Bulldozer, tank, moon lander?


That looks really cool !
There is a flange coupler for the motor that is fine for such occasions. Example from the Black Spider:

Found this in Aliexpress:

We had a similar belt-like project some time ago.
You can see a lot of files from the project here:

We also used ball bearings to get smooth rotation.

Tank chassis are my obsession :wink: and I’m working on something similar. I hope to be able to show more after Christmas.


Hi Dex

That looks in a different league all together. How do you fit your track links together. I used M3 screws which added to the complexity. I also like the idea of the split wheels



I bought it at AliExpress :slight_smile: It is a very common type, which can be seen, for example, on many Chinese tank models 2pcs Plastic Track for Tank Chain Tracked Vehicle Clawler Track type Remote Control Tank Accessory DIY RC Toy|RC Tanks| - AliExpress