Cable Clip

Small and simple cable clip. I still trying improved it but works it usable. In future I will release STL but if somebody cannot wait do not hesitate write here :wink:

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These clips looks very useful. The Totem beams are well suited for cable harness organizing, making it tidy. And this one helps a lot!

my name is Nander, and i’m new in the world of programming and 3D-printing.
I’m searching for some STL documents to try out my 3D printer, and so i come to your link.
I have also Totem products, and this could be perfect to use !

But, like i told, i’m new here… How can i download the STL file from your cable clib design ?


here is my latest version (but i think not the last :wink:)

CableClipV3-2021-03-02.stl (3.0 KB)


Thank you for this, which I had not seen before the recent comment. I am now thinking how best to organise my wiring.

I look forward to the photos :blush: