Black Spider Robot

Have been building the Black Spider Robot’. How do I fix the, the so called ‘step 4’, in setting up the X4 Module?

How do I obtain the software for the robot?

Thanks for your help.


All required software is already preloaded on X4. You can turn it on, connect with smartphone (using Totem app), and control via “Spider Model”.

“Arduino Setup” tutorial is required when you want to program in your custom features or functionality.

“Step 4” is a bug patch of ESP32 platform. Just click on the banner “Windows” or “MacOS” and instructions will be revealed.

By uploading code to X4 following “Arduino setup”, it also updates firmware of X4 board. You can do this by uploading empty code:

#include <Totem.h>
void setup() {
void loop() {



My question was if, the code for the ‘Spider’ is either:

(1) Corrupted or

(2) Over written when I enter my own code

How do I re-load the software. Do I simply upload the ‘empty code’ as your last answer implies?

Uploading your code doesn’t corrupt background processes running inside X4 (Bluetooth connectivity).
Just make sure line Totem.X4.begin() is added inside setup() function. All X4 boards are shipped with “empty” code.

To put it simple - you can upload whatever code you like and Totem app connectivity will still be working. Empty code means that X4 won’t do something extra, interfering with control from Totem app.

One more thing to add - there isn’t any specific Spider software/code preloaded on X4. All the control logic (which motor to spin) comes from Totem App.