Android/iOS SDK over BLE to X4

Hello there,

Is there an SDK available for android or ios to communicate with the x4 roboboard though bluetooth? Or is there any kind of documentation to put me in the right direction?


Hi, unfortunately there isn’t.

Communication with X4 requires parsing of packets from BLE → CAN → TotemBUS → “X4 functionality API” and vice versa. This requires a bit of code (a whole library, so called SDK). We don’t have publicly available library, because there are many popular frameworks (Android native [Java/Kotlin], iOS native [Swift], React Native [Javascript], Flutter [Dart]) and they require separate programming language and packages for each one. It’s quite hard to maintain them all and keep updated and it’s a low demand for it at the moment. Maybe in the future, but we don’t have plans for it yet.

At the moment we focusing on Arduino and from there we will expand to other frameworks and programming languages.
Currently we have this library (SDK) written in C++ for ESP32 to connect to X3, X4 over BLE and control them. It can be found in here → TotemArduino. Short tutorial how to use it → Using third-party. Message documentation: X3, X4.
It works the same way as App does, the only thing it’s implemented in C++ for ESP32 BLE.

Another easy (consumer) way is ability to execute custom actions (on X4) when some button is pressed in Totem App. Can be found here → CustomAppButtons.

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