3D Printer Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a 3D Printer for a beginner?

There is no doubt in my mind: The Prusa Mini. Best quality vs. price. And very good customer service/support.

I have one month experience with Prusa MINI+ (pre assembled kit) and I can say with a clear conscience that is good printer. Just print :wink:

Dex, I see you are enjoying and making good use of your printer. I was looking at the Prusa Mini+ myself but I’ve got a bit of opposition due to a report stating that printers can give off toxins. So it’s not going to be allowed into the house. It would have to be in the garage but it’s not heated and it can be a bit baltic in Scotland… I was looking for a printer with an enclosure. I’ve found the Flashforge Adventurer 3 but I’m still a bit undecided.

Where is yours located and are you aware of any smells, noise etc.


The printer is very quiet. My inkjet printer produces a lot more noise.

The question of smells is a bit complicated. At the moment I am printing from PLA without any problems at home. It smells like you are cooking popcorn :slight_smile: In the future, I plan to try PETG and I am preparing that the best way to ventilate the room will be.

I don’t know how cold your garage can be, but the printer needs something like 20 degrees Celsius for good results. For Prusa MINI you can buy for example this box Prusa MINI 3D Printer Enclosure - TLX White but if your garage is too cold, it can be a problem.

And you can ask for recommendations directly at Prusa they have a lot of experience :wink:

Thanks for the valued info. The enclosure would do the job but it’s a bit costly. I might put a 3D printer in a big box and put a popcorn machine in front of it.

Just an update. Ended up buying an Ender 3 V2. Not up to Prusa’s quality but it was a third of the cost. Prusa was a bit problemmatic importing into the UK at the moment. Anything over the £130 mark has VAT, Customs Charge and a £9 handling fee added. Also there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of estimating the Customs Duty.

So far printing out PLA with good results, even in the garage at 6C. It’s not plug and play, and will probably require continually tweeking but there is plenty of info around. Don’t know how we will ever survive without Youtube. I would recommend it to anyone.

Hi, Just to bring things up to date. I didn’t stay with the Ender 3 V2 long. I found it was high maintenance and a bit temperamental. Good if you want to spend more time tinkering than printing. Also it would have required a good enclosure for my garage operating conditions.

I now have the Flashforge Creator Pro V2. Initially I had a problem removing prints from the bed. Solved by purchasing a removeable flexible magnetic bed. I have found the build quality to be superior and very reliable. The only problems experienced after 480 hours were two bad prints caused by my own stupidity.

The printer is enclosed and has two independent extruders. It’s been printing ok in temperatures below 0C.

The only down sides experienced are:

  1. The bed volume is only 200 x 138 x 150mm
  2. Maximum extruder temperature is 240C limiting use of only PLA, HIPS, ABS, PVA filaments.

What other printers are in use out there? Any experiences to share?