Using PS3/PS4 controller directly with X3 v2.0?

As I understand from the BLE controller example code, it is possible to connect a PS3 controller to a Mini Control Board X3 with an additional ESP32 module in between.

Since the newer X3 v2.0 now is also based on an ESP32 MCU, I was wondering if it is possible to directly connect a PS3 controller to an X3 v2.0?

We want to give a few Mini Troopers to a small class of children (aged 6+) to play but don’t want to hand out expensive and somewhat fragile smart phones to them. The combination of a cheap an more robust PS3 controller (clone) without additional tinkering would be ideal for us.


Short answer: This can’t be done unfortunately. We have plans how to overcome this, but will take some time until it happens.

As much as we want to do it - this is complicated topic and not only limited to programming.
We may not be able to embed PS controller support into our products. For personal use there are some libraries to do so, but they are not maintained or incompatible with Arduino. Also X3 v2.0 was not designed to be programmable.

Another issue - industry is shifting from ESP32 to ESP32S3, which does not support Bluetooth Classic (only BLE). This is a requirement for PS controllers to work so more and more products won’t be compatible in the future. As for BLE - there isn’t any popular and cheap/affordable controllers for this purpose.

So we are working on solution for this use case, but can’t specify any estimations at the moment.

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Many thanks for this in-depth answer, much appreciated.

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