Using new software for X4

Sorry, haven’t mentioned. You need to install latest Totem Boards version.

All is working now. Thanks for your help

Regards, Gerard

What is the meaning of the X11 thru X77 in the sketches???

Regards Gerard

It’s just a 32-bit message ID. You can use any value you want. On “commandValue” events it’s received as “cmd” parameter. 0x11 - 0x77 is accidental values I selected for example code.

E.g.: calling TotemApp.sendValue(0x55, 1000) will return in callback bool commandValueEvent(int cmd, int value) as cmd = 0x55, value = 1000.

There are some reserved “cmd” values like: 0x1349f298, 0x1649f751, 0x1549f5be, 0x1849fa77 (means functionA-functionD). But you can ignore them and send anything you like, especially if return false is called (command won’t be passed down further to RoboBoard firmware).